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Why Did Sangeetha Have To Work Twice As Hard In Kamal’S Film? 


Sangeetha they say is always surprised when people refer to the ‘hot’ looking actress. Her role in Kamal Haasan’s film latest film Manmadhan Anmbu has people now calling her the ‘humourous’ actress. Until now she has always been doing dark roles or roles that require her to exude a smouldering kind of intensity. In Manmadha Anmbu she is a friend of Trisha and accompanies her on a cruise on the Mediterranean. She has always been a fan of Kamal but had despaired of ever getting a role in one of his films. So she was surprised when he called her up on day and told her that he liked her performance in her films and that he would like her to do a role in Manmadhan Anmbu. She scooted over right away and after hearing her role she agreed straightaway. Everything happened in fast forward after that. She went across to producer Udayanidhi’s office and signed the necessary papers. She made sure that Kamal never had to scold her or even look at her with irritation during the shoot. ‘I rehearsed my lines daily’ she said while on the shoot. ‘I used to relax only when director KS Ravikumar would say ‘Good take Sangeetha.’

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