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Why Do Bhumika, Harshika And Nikitha Feel Item Songs Are Ok? 

Looks like leading actresses are willing to perform in just single songs without being part of the film. Heroines are agreeing to do a single song for a film even when they are not acting in it. Bhumika recently did a number in the flick ‘Godfather’ while Nikita Thukral was in ‘Snehitharu’ in a similar manner. Actress Harshika Poonacha who did such a role in the Kannada film ‘Murli meets Meera’ says, “In one way, it’s like you work for fewer days but are still well paid and stay in the public eye.” An item song becomes a sensational hit more often than not, with the song becoming bigger hit than the movie itself. But they all insist that such songs should be picturized well.” We are not sure what the actress meant by that. Does ‘picturized well’ mean more body exposure with sexy moves and outfits? Actresses are generally apprehensive about being called item girls as it works for the actress only when she retains her heroine status yet rakes in the moolah for the producer. Sharmila Mandre adds, “Earlier, even when a popular girl was in an item song, she was assumed to be of low character but because of such songs people watch the film.”


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