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    Why Does Amal Paul Have No Objections To Exposing Herself? 

    Movies from South India were always steeped in their culture and even with the sound turned off one could quite easily figure out if the film was in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or Hindi. The difference between South Indian films and those from Bollywood could be gauged from their costumes also. The South Indian vamp remained in her saree but probably wriggled her behind just a bit more than the heroine while the Bollywood heroine went on to wear a bikini. However, the culture is yet to spread in the south but it is slowly picking up. Now, one more name is ready to join the bikini league. She is the doe eyed beauty Amala Paul. Recently, Amala mentioned that no matter how firm she was on not exposing her body when signing for a film, finally when she gets in front of the camera, nothing works. Amala has done ‘Bezwada’ with Naga Chaitanya, and she maintains that it is mandatory these days to be glamorous and she has no personal objection in donning a bikini or baring her body in the name of art or cinema. Amala was also heard stating that it is not just her but many other starlets who are willing to do it. For now, let us wait to see when Amala will be seen in that avatar.

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