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Why Does Amala Paul Have Such A Following? 

We’ve all heard about shooting stars but how often do you see a shooting star that seems to burn brightly once again after appearing to burn out? Amal Paul is one such actress who is on a continuous path. From her first film ‘Sindu Samaveli’ where she pulled off an incestuous role of a daughter in law with her own father in law she has been shifted to more mainstream roles. That was smart of her because there no chance of doing a more sensational roles. She recently declared that if she was asked which film she would prefer; a role opposite Mohanlal or with Mammooty she said she would decide basing it on which role gave her more satisfaction. That is a confident statement from an actress that is still starting out in her career. She says she does not make a difference between art film and commercial cinema as she just tries to get under the skin of the character. Her fans say that Amala only tries to make her character believable and not to classify whether it is art house or not. She even does not care about her co-star as she says that it would be his problem. All this is a refreshing change from the usual sycophantic statements from other heroines.

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