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Why Does Kareena Ignore Katrina And Priyanka? 

Nobody is quite sure if the rivalry between Kareena and Priyanka actually exists or is it something made up by others. Of course stories keep flying about the cool vibes between them and it is all attributed to the one idea that Kareena still cares for Shahid and thinks that he is much too good for Priyanka Chopra. Of course Priyanka feels that Shahid is so much better off having unloaded Kareena into the waiting arms of Saif. As a matter of fact Kareena has pretty strong views about most other actors too. She says she would like to spy on Shah Rukh to find out where he gets his energy from. “I mean, what does he take… injections or something?” she exclaimed. She thinks Priyanka makes the best spy in Bollywood. “I think. She should give me tips on how to spy.” As for Katrina, Kareena reserves her best tongue in cheek opinion saying “What would I like to find out about her? Actually nothing; I’m not that interested in spying on Katrina.” So even in jest Kareena is always aware of what everybody else says or thinks of her. That is probably why even though she was like a Bond girl in ‘Agent Vinod’ nobody quite wants to bond with her.

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