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Why Does Mamata Mohandas Like Working Opposite Dileep? 

The South Indian film industry has never intruded into the life of the actresses unlike Bollywood where every actress is under the microscope constantly. Their every move is watched and reported to an audience that never seems to tire of news about their favourite heroines. Mamata Mohandas however feels that the working environ in the South has been great. In fact, she says that all the older actresses say the industry feels like home, like family. “I on my part haven’t slowed down in my career. Marriage actually happened in between work” she says with a laugh. She has had a great run in Malayalam cinema even after her marriage to her childhood sweetheart Pregith. Mamata says that her latest film is their third film post ‘Passenger’ and ‘Arike’ with Dileep’s and being his heroine is a pleasure, as there’s a good working chemistry between them. “‘My Boss’, the shoot of which is currently on, has me play his boss. Thanks to Dileep’s support, my comic timing with him has turned out really good. With him, I don’t have to think twice about ‘Is it really okay if I place a hand on his shoulder in a particular scene.

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