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Why Is Everyone Picking On Nayantara? 


Almost every other day, a Malayali girl is being launched in the South. At the last count, there were about a dozen girls like Ananya, Meera Nandan, Devika, Poorna, Saranya Mohan, Sanusha, Honey Rose, Shammu, Anjali, Amala Paul and more all eyeing the lucrative Tamil- Telugu  film market. The first thing when they land up in Chennai is to give interviews with a clichéd line like “I will not be like Nayantara and do glamour roles. I want to act in only films where I’m offered meaty roles.” We know the truth is that they will give an arm and a leg to be where Nayantara is. Recently Bhavana had given an interview to a leading newspaper saying- “Don’t compare me with Nayantara, I’m different” and then Meera Nandan was quoted to have said “I will never wear a bikini.” But who are the girls who wore bikinis anyway?  Come to think of it all these girls who initially said that they won’t do glamour roles are now flaunting their body more than the original temptresses! The latest sensation is Amala Paul who goes by the name Anakha. Even if she didn’t strip or expose her body she accepted a role where she was shown to be in love with her father-in-law. The role was so obscene according to some websites that they recommended that nobody go to see it. Naturally the film is a hit and Anakha is set to climb to dizzying heights.


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