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Why Is Gowri Nambiar Scared Of A Glamourous Role? 

As soon as any Malayali actress gets a chance to act in a Malayalam film she starts to check on her mobile if she has any calls from producers in Kollywood. The latest to join the bandwagon is Gowri Nambiar, who has the advantage of coming from a filmy family too. She is a cousin of the tall and dusky Karthika, the daughter of yesteryear heroine Radha. Though the model-turned-actress had a chance to launch herself in a Malayalam flick — just like her aunts Ambika and Radha, Gowri wants to make it big via a film in Tamil and that’s how her debut Tamil film ‘Sembattai’ came about. Ganesh, a former assistant to top filmmakers like Fazil, Siddique and Vinayan is to direct the movie. So, when we asked her what was aunt Radha’s advice she said “I took her blessings. All she said was to always respect the director and other elders in the unit if I were to survive in the industry.” The young actress insists that her surname Nambiar has been lucky for her and she will retain it. The movie, is about bonding between brothers and Gowri is paired opposite the hero Dileepan in a de-glamorized role, which she says will give her plenty of scope to perform.

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