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Why is Trisha doing the film ‘Mohini’ ? 

Of late Tollywood has been seeing a series of horror films. When Trisha was asked why she chose to do a horror movie she said that it is the easiest form of film-making. That initially surprised us but now we think she is right because horror films do not need elaborate sets. Even the songs are not so extravagant. The success of a horror story relies on its locale. It could be just one room in a house or it could be set in a village besides it hardly ever involves expensive travel to foreign countries.

She is right when she says that it is easy to do such movies because most of the tough work is during post-production when scary music, special effects and graphics fill in all the blanks. So that is why the industry loves them. Trisha is just getting into her latest horror film call Mohini. The title and the poster design already emphasize the horror aspects of the movie. Some scenes are being shot in Mexico and Thailand because she is a big star otherwise the whole thing would have done in some suburb of Chennai. The film will be directed by Madhesh and on account of her star status, specialists who worked on some Harry Potter films also working on this one. Mohini will definitely excite Kollywood fans.

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