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Why Is Trisha Quite Happy Staying Single And Unattached? 


Trisha must be the most married actress in Kollywood. Somebody or the other comes up with a secret marriage for Trisha every now and then. She has been linked to almost all her heroes including Kamal but nothing worries her. It is almost as if she has seen it all. If it is not with another actor then it is to a business tycoon. On one occasion photographs appeared in the papers with a shadowy man looking over her shoulder. And now that she was awarded the Best Debutante award for her role in Khatta Meetha suitors have started popping up in Mumbai too. She was linked to her designer friend Sidney Sladen but that was impossible given that his preference is elsewhere. She is not scared of living life even in public and has decided to wait until she finds the right man. She is a terrific dancer and with her slim build she can dance most men into the ground. So where is she going to find her Mr. Right? The question thrown at her most of the time is ‘When are you getting married?’ If that does not get more than a smile from her then the next one to follow is ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’

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