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Why Is Trisha Special To All Tamilians? 

For most people in Tamil Nadu, the home state of an actress doesn’t bother them for if they have been acting in Tamil films then they are Tamil enough. But when they think of a Tamil actress they invariably think of Trisha. Trisha is a girl who grew up watching Tamil cinema and adored Tamil actors. For her it has always been Kamal Haasan and Rajnikanth and she still occasionally has to pinch herself to think that she is part of the same industry. In school it was a different scene where cinema and modeling were discouraged. Though she had always been slim and good looking, the authorities in school always said a firm ‘No’ to offers of acting but when she got to college things changed dramatically. The puritanical mind set of school teachers were gone and in its place were more liberal college professors who encouraged their wards to spread their wings. Modeling was a step towards her final profession of acting. In college she got her first chance to interact with cinema stars. Her best memories are of watching a first day first day show of many a Rajnikanth film and now she can hardly believe that she gets to see a Rajni film even before a ‘first day first show’!

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