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Trisha Hopes To Find Love And Happiness With Mr. Right 

The most honest among all South Indian actresses is Trisha and the reason is not far to seek. She meets questions of reporter’s head on without bullshitting or making coy replies. If she is having a good time partying with her friends from within or from outside the film industry she will say so. Long before she became Trisha the star, she was Trisha the model, and before that Trisha the collegiate kid. A lot of so-called ’hot news’ that is announced on various websites has never been anything more than Trisha enjoying a ‘hot samosa’ or a ‘hot chai’.

That is not to say that she is a babe in the woods. She is a grown girl and knows how to enjoy herself. Among her closest friends are a bunch of girls who have known Trisha since her school days and they make it a point to take off every now and then to enjoy themselves. And if that were not opportunity enough, she gets enough chances abroad during shoots or film festivals or just plain shopping. Some photos recently clicked by fans on the streets of Dubai showing Rana Dagubbati with his arms around her turned out to be shots of them at the Indian Film festival. The only clear and straightforward answer she gives to questions about love and marriage is that she would like to meet a man and fall in love and get married like every girl. So guys there is still a chance!

Trisha Stills

Trisha Stills


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