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Why was Divya Unni’s husband so insecure? 

Actress-dancer Divya Unni recently announced her separation with husband Dr. Sudhir Shekharan. Rumours indicated that Divya decided to part ways with Sudhir because of an extramarital affair he had. But insider reports claim that the pretty actress Divya decided to end the relationship due to Sudhir’s extremely egoistic and offensive nature. There was even a hint of an extra marital affair by her husband. Divya Unni has acted in Tamil films such as ‘Palayathu Amman’ and ‘Sabhash’ among the other few and had done a number of Malayalam movies. It is said that Sudhir was displeased with Divya being a dance instructor in her dance school in Houston. Sudhir allegedly had asked the actress to shut down her dance school, but she refused to do so. Sudhir never backed off from his stand and refused to listen to both families, who tried hard to convince him to let her be. Later, Divya decided to end the 14-year-old marriage and moved back to Kochi along with her two children. For a girl brought up in Kerala moving to a new country far away from one’s parents is a traumatic event and then when the husband insists stubbornly on having his way this is what happens. It led to the break up after fourteen years of marriage.

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