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Why was Rehman absent from Kollywood? 

Actor Rahman also seems to be among those who are slowly being forgotten in Kollywood. At one time he used to be cast in many movies including those from big production houses and he was on his way up. Somewhere along the way he stopped getting good roles and is now on the verge of being forgotten. He is a good actor with a good physic and an imposing screen presence. Audiences were all quite unhappy that he was missing from the scene but now we hear that he is making a re-entry with director Karthik Naren who is making his debut with the film titled Dhuruvangal 16. Rahman has played the role of a Police Officer dozens of times and he is very convincing in such a role but in this film for a change he is not going to be the usual swaggering Cop in Khaki. This film is a serious film with a social theme so the director says they won’t be the unnecessary songs and humour. We wonder what that means because we have never seen a necessary song or necessary humour in a cop drama. Anyway let’s see how Rahman explores the psychological aspect of a police character. Of course Rahman wasn’t convinced at just the first narration and had to be convinced by Karthik to take up the role.

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