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Why Would Sameera Reddy Weep When She Was In College? 

Stars take to flattery like a duck to water. No amount of flattery will make them content. They still need more but Sameera Reddy says “People don’t know what an emotional struggle it is to go through the making of a film.” People don’t realize that criticism is one of the hardest things to take but it has however made her very grateful for her body. “I will not take my body for granted anymore nor will I will not put it through crash diets. She says she was an obese kid when she was young. “Being really obese as a kid and having two supermodel sisters was one of the hardest things ever, but at the same time, it also makes me appreciate people for what they are. I do not get carried away by people who are good looking or slim, I know behind all that is a lot of struggle to stay that way. Sameera says “In college, my sister Meghna had a waist that was 22 inches, and I was double that. I used to go through torture and I used to cry, I used to go through a lot of self-loathing. You end up thinking ‘I am not deserving enough’. I sometimes used to eat just one idli a day and then faint.

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