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Will ‘Billa2’ Put Ajith Above Surya And Vikram In The Star Ranking? 

Billa-2 Surya And Vikram

It’s time to start worrying about getting a first day first show ticket for Ajith’s ‘Billa2’. The film is over and final post production work is going on. Barring some unfortunate incident the film will be out by the end of the month. The promos are out and the fans are ecstatic. Chakri Toleti is soon to hit the ranks of the top directors and already producers who have not seen anything of ‘Billa2’ are ready to offer him big bucks to direct a film for them. The thread of the story has been bashed in the press and on countless bits on youtube until it looks like there is no mystery in the film. But that is all wrong as the film is greater than the sum of its parts. Terrific camera work, chilling scenes of shootouts, emotions and of course some pretty daring airborne stunts by Ajith. But Ajith who should be in the middle of all this excitement is already working on his next film which will see Arya playing the baddie and Nayantara and Tapasee as his heroine. Ajith has of late been putting on weight and the reason is that his body cannot take tough workouts after all the racing accidents he has been through. But Ajith is Ajith and he says watch out!

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