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Will Kamal just stand by and watch Shruti and Gautami battle. 

There seems to be some trouble in the Haasan family’s paradise. Gautami Tadimalla who is her father Kamal Haasan’s live in partner and daughter Shruti Haasan who are working together in Kamal Haasan’s Sabaash Naidu are reportedly not getting along. Gautami, who handles the costume department for the film allegedly, has to deal with the Tollywood star’s tantrums something that Gautami understands. A source in the known shares, ‘during the schedule in the US, Shruti would keep turning down the costumes Gautami picked out for her. ‘This is not my style’, ‘I don’t wear stuff like this’… were some of the retorts Shruti came up with, every time Gautami made a suggestion or showed something that she had picked for her. The tension between the two got pretty evident after a while, and Gautami just didn’t know how to handle Shruti’s tantrums.” Earlier the duo often made public appearances that made onlookers melt — holding hands, hugs, the works! Oh, well, we hope it’s just one of those love-hate tiffs that happens in every family. Shruti is also a demonstrative person so it must be hard to keep the lid on it.
Kamal is the one who will have to put up with all the pushing and pulling. Gautami has to adjust as the daughter will claim to have first place in Kamal’s life.

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