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Will Lovelyn’s knowledge of Tamil help in acting? 

The film Arohanam directed by Lakshmi Ramakrishnan was one of those rare movies that crossed over from art into mainstream. It showed the impact of a mentally imbalanced mother in a family and the trauma that befalls the family when she wanders away. Viji Chandrasekhar who was the main character in the movie has a daughter in real life named Lovelyn. It is a typical Punjabi name but she is a Tamil girl. Lovelyn has now decided to enter Kollywood through a film that has not been titled yet. The film will be shot in two locations; Dubai as well as Chennai. This means that Lovelyn will be flying frequently between these two cities. She is lucky she will have her debut film supervised by her mother who is an A-grade character actor. To top it all Lovelyn has done an acting course at Anupam Kher’s Acting school in Mumbai. Everybody knows that acting has to come out of you rather than being forced out of you but it’s good to see Tamil girls being encouraged by Tamil mothers. Makes a welcome break from the usual Delhi girls who star in South Indian movies. Welcome Lovelyn.

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