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Will Sameera Reddy Retain Her Fitness As A Vegetarian? 

Sameera Reddy comes from a family of hearty meat eaters settled in Rajahmundry. Now for some reason Sameera has given up meat and fish.  In the old days of cinema almost every actress was discovered in some dance school or the other. It was considered essential for every heroine to be trained in classical dance so where else would one look for new heroines but in dance academies? That also meant that the aspiring heroine had to fit into a dancer’s mould with large expressive eyes, slim and supple body and flawless complexion. Dance schools were invariably the domain of devout vegetarians who would shudder at the mention of meat so if a girl was actually non-vegetarian she hid the fact from her gurus or ate only when safe from prying eyes.  When Sameera did sexy item songs like the one that she did in Aakrosh she lost oodles of weight and she found replacing it without eating very tough. But she says she will stick to being a vegetarian. Everybody has been commenting that she looks a million dollars and she says it is thanks to her vegetarian diet. Among male stars there are very few vegetarians because during a strenuous day of shooting one can burn up to 300 calories per hour. Sameera has to therefore keep a close watch on her diet to ensure that she does not start looking haggard. Let us see how long she stays vegetarian and still be an actress.

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