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Will Sheila’S Show Of Skin Help Her Top Nayantara? 

Sheela, though not as well known as Nayantara, is getting much more attention through the publicity of Adurs. The young heroine has indulged in a liberal show of skin in Adurs drawing maximum attention. NTR plays a dual role in this entertainer directed by V V Vinayak and he romances these two heroines. Asked whether she wanted to outdo Nayantara and Trisha in the glamour quotient, Sheila said, “I don’t want to be a simple girl forever or get stuck with a sexy image either. If the role demands me to be presented in a swimsuit, I will not hesitate to do it. Because appearing sensuous on screen does not mean that you get a sexy image immediately. It takes time. And don’t compare me to Nayantara and Trisha; they are established actresses. I enjoyed working with Nayantara in the new NTR Junior film Adurs directed by VV Vinayak,” she added. Hot heroine Sheila some time ago had the escapade of her life when she went on a shooting trip to Malaysia when a group of Indian guys spotted the heroine in a crowd when she went out shopping alone after a hard. They followed Sheila wherever she went and tried to make contact with her. The guys also passed lewd comments and poor Sheila was petrified by all this. She somehow reached her hotel room unscratched and safe and vowed never again to go alone in a foreign land, she says she has learn her lesson the hard way.

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