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Will Simbu’S Six Pack Rival That Of Sonu Sood In ‘Osthi’? 

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There was talk recently that Osthi has been postponed because Simbu is still working on his physique. In today’s cinema, someone humourously commented that an actor is only as good as the packs he displays. Simbu had never been one to worry too much of his physique but ever since he started work on Osthi, he has been obsessed with getting a six-pack physique just like Salman Khan did in the original. Silambarasan booked himself into a health club and went on a muscle building diet. When they were out shooting at Mysore, Simbu went off rice and hit the gym twice a day, with baddie Sonu Sood for company. He got himself a personal trainer and as Osthi was meant to be a Diwali release, the shoot was galloping along. However shooting has been stalled as Simbu had pulled a muscle and is unable to tackle heavy-duty action. A source says, “The truth is that shooting is cancelled because Simbu is not ready with his six-pack. He wants to take off his shirt in the climax, just like Salman did and fight a bare-bodied Sonu, who possesses an enviable body. The fight sequence in Dabangg had been voted one of the best ‘bash the baddie’ sequences ever and Simbu was in no mood to compromise.

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