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Won’t The Priyanka-Kareena Animosity Ever Die? 

Some rivalries refuse to fade let alone die. Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor are at it again. This time it was on the sets of a recent award event where both the stars were slated to perform. Priyanka Chopra had been working very hard for a tribute-performance for Late Yash Chopra. While she was sweating it out on the floor, close to the show time, Kareena walked in, did a few dance mocks and walked out. Angered by this, Priyanka couldn’t take it and lashed out at the organizers at the apparent ‘preferential treatment’ given to Kareena. A source present at the scene said, “Priyanka, who was supposed to dance to Yash Chopra’s songs had been practicing hard since the afternoon. She had been sweating it out on the floor when, closer to the show time she noticed Kareena sailing in. Kareena simply breezed in and out without putting in even as much as a fraction of the effort or time that Priyanka had for the show. Priyanka was naturally mad as to why a star of her stature be expected to go through the grinds of rehearsals when her contemporary is allowed to breeze in and out? Also noteworthy is that Priyanka wasn’t invited to any of Saif and Kareena’s wedding ceremonies.

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