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Would Amala actually have agreed to stop acting? 

Looks like Amala Paul and Vijay’s divorce refuses to go out of the headlines and continues to hog the headline. We all know that they were a much in love couple when they got married in 2014. Somebody once sarcastically forecast that the more elaborate a wedding is the more likely it is to fail. The reason is not far to see. Extravagant weddings invariably put huge demands on the husband and wife. It makes it almost impossible to work, as nobody knows how to maintain a marriage when you set the bar so very high. Amala Paul had originally agreed to taper off her career after her marriage but maybe it was her marriage that brought her luck and propelled her into the big league. Film after film fell into her lap probably prompting her to think twice about quitting at the peak of her career. Vijay has quoted breach of trust as the reason for their breakup but Amala has maintained a stony silence on the matter. It’s hard to believe that even in these modern times newly married men want to keep their wives under control. But commenting on a marriage is dangerous thing for outsiders to do as no one can be sure what went wrong in a marriage. Unless there is something more it seems like an overreaction by Vijay. Marry in haste and repent at leisure is a popular adage.

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